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Top Tips for Selling Your Home


There are a number of things that home owners can do to increase their chances of a quick and high value sale. Below we offer you some of our best advice…

1. Clean and Tidy – Everyone’s home becomes ‘lived in’. After all, isn’t that the point?! Before you put your house on the market make an effort to clear out unwanted clutter and do a spring clean.

2. Kerb Appeal – First impressions are everything, so make the effort to ensure potential buyers fall in love with your property right from the beginning. Mow the lawn if you have one or tidy the bins at the front. We all want buyers to see your house as the home they want to come back to.

3. Fresh Smelling – Bad smells are one of the biggest things that put buyers off. So fix whatever is causing the smell - empty the bins, clean the toilet, fix the drain and open the windows. If you want to go that extra step further, brew some coffee for viewings or put some fresh flowers in a few rooms. It will make your property feel much more welcoming and ‘homely’.

4. Check that everything is Working Properly - Fix minor repairs before you start showing potential buyers your home. Many people will not like the thought of immediately having to do repairs when they move in. Get all the little, annoying maintenance jobs that you have been putting off done and then you can be confident that little issues won’t become big ones.

5. Define Each Room’s Purpose – Have you turned the dining room into a home gym or playroom? Is the conservatory full of furniture that you don’t have anywhere else to put? Buyers like clearly defined spaces which are generally used for the purpose that they were built. So while your house is on the market consider re-establishing the purpose of each room as it was intended.

6. Bold Colours - People need to be able to envisage themselves in your property and most people enjoy neutral tones. So if you have any rooms which you would describe as ‘unique’ think about painting or toning them down before you put your property on the market.

7. Turn the Lights On – Not all of us are blessed with south-facing properties and depending on the time of year many properties with good natural daylight might also look darker than normal. If your rooms are smaller, or you think light is an issue, leave the lights on during your viewings.

8. Pets – Some love them (and we’re sure you love yours) but some hate them; and you never know the preference of the buyers who are coming round. So it is a good idea to ensure that your pets are not in the property when prospective buyers are looking around. If they do need to be at home, put them in the garden or in one room while the viewing takes place.

9. Choose your Price Point Carefully – Ask for several valuations of your home from reputable, local agents who know your area. By asking for several quotes you should get a good feel for what your home should be worth. However be realistic with the valuation and don’t choose your estate agent just based on who gives you the highest figure. Many will put it on high and then ask you to drop the price within weeks of it going on the market because it is not moving. Be realistic and reasonable and there is no reason why your property shouldn’t sell easily.

10. Choose a Sensible Buyer – With buyers who have already got an offer on their property, have no chain or a small chain, or have an alternative story which the estate agent can relay to you, there is a stronger chance that the sale will go through smoothly. Always weigh up your personal circumstances and your main objectives when contemplating an offer and ask your estate agent for their view on the potential buyer.

If you have any questions about how to make the most of your property when it is on the market, please just ask one of our staff who will be happy to help.