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Safe as Houses


Buy-to-let is certainly an attractive option, especially as the property market is buoyant and other options for investment, such as stocks and shares, prove volatile and savings currently offer a low rate of return. So, could your money really be safe as houses?

Across Reading and West Berkshire weve certainly seen an increasing number of tenants seeking properties, which has meant rents have steadily risen. As an agency weve seen a 10% increase over the last year alone.

With more and more young people forced to go into the long term rental market, as its so difficult to get onto the property ladder, many will choose to be lifelong tenants and therefore are in need of lifelong landlords. It could prove a fruitful long term investment opportunity to people who have some capital to invest.

If youre in the position to raise a big deposit, the rental return on a buy-to-let property in the current market could more than cover any mortgage payments and could also yield a monthly profit. With mortgage rates currently low and long term fixed rates on offer, it presents the perfect opportunity to enter the buy-to-let market. That said, its important to bear in mind these rates could rise and you need to be sure you can be in it for the long term to really benefit from your investment.